Red Hat Certified Software Workloads

Red Hat solutions for SAP workloads

Red Hat has a powerful technology portfolio to support your SAP needs now, and the flexibility to support future growth and innovation. From standards-based solutions for automation, management, and integration, to app containerisation and open hybrid cloud, Red Hat’s SAP portfolio supports any on-premise or cloud environment.

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Red Hat provides complete end-to-end open infrastructure for all SAP workloads, forming the ideal foundation for, and tooling of, the hybrid cloud. Select a Red Hat product to learn how to use it with SAP — in a way that fits your needs.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions is a SAP specific offering, tailored to the needs of SAP workloads such as S/4HANA and the SAP HANA in-memory data platform. By providing the following capabilities, It helps customers streamline SAP IT operations and reduce their costs of SAP operations:

  • RHEL HA solutions for SAP
  • RHEL System Roles for SAP
  • Red Hat Smart Management & Insights Dashboard for SAP
  • Integrated customer support and extended Update Services for SAP
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Red Hat Ansible Platform for SAP S/4HANA migration

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform is a single framework that helps you automate all aspects of your SAP and IT infrastructure, from servers and network devices to operating systems, applications, and security. Through modules, it connects your existing tools and processes with a common language. Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform also provides SAP-specific content that you can build into automation playbooks and use in migration scenarios. The agentless architecture lets you easily introduce automation into your existing infrastructure. And Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform includes tools to help you optimise your automation content and use.

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Red Hat OpenShift for SAP Data Intelligence

With SAP® Data Intelligence on Red Hat® OpenShift®, you can accelerate your workflows and automate artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) life-cycle management. Using data hub templates, industry use cases, and other off-the-shelf tools, this solution saves you time and resources. It also maximizes your SAP investment and increases process efficiency and the quality of your results. Learn more in this infographic.

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Red Hat Virtualization for SAP HANA

Virtualization offers companies many benefits, including deployment flexibility, workload and resource management, and scalability. Increasingly, companies are turning to virtualization to run critical enterprise applications. Today, many companies run SAP applications in a virtual environment, incl. SAP HANA, in production-

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Red Hat Integration for SAP

SAP recommends keeping the SAP digital core clean to reduce the time and cost associated with upgrades and migrations. Red Hat Integration is a key component and SAP certified to help customers extend their SAP systems and adopt the modern application development practices that can provide the agility to go to market faster and encourage innovation.

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Red Hat SAP Technical Account Management

The SAP TAM offering is an add-on to the Red Hat Enterprise Linux TAM. It provide a single contact for any support issues, streamlined resolution of incidents, and continued collaboration given their integration between Red Hat and SAP. Together with your primary TAM, the SAP TAM helps you to optimise your use of Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions and related Red Hat technologies.

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There are two primary support methods for an SAP system running on Red Hat Infrastructure.

Customers may open their support ticket with Red Hat

Red Hat provides award winning, first-line support for customers running Red Hat product subscriptions in context of SAP.

Red Hat Support works closely with SAP Support when necessary to resolve customer issues. The integrated support workflow with SAP and certified SAP partners, ensures a hand in hand, 24x7 premium support experience around the globe. If this not yet meets the demand, our SAP specialised Technical Account Manager services - available on a global level across GEOs - provides you with a highly technical product specialist who proactively partners with your organisation to help achieve your business outcomes with Red Hat enterprise solutions for SAP.

Customers can open their support ticket directly within SAP's support ticketing system

Red Hat and SAP customers can benefit from the integration of the SAP and Red Hat customer support ticketing systems by gaining a single point of contact for support issues, streamlined resolution of incidents and continued collaboration for running SAP workloads on Red Hat

The integration of the support ticketing systems, in combination with Red Hat staff working on-site the SAP headquarters, ensures Red Hat and SAP can easily liaise on support issue resolutions, providing enhanced support services to our joint customers.