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6.2. Configuration Tasks

Configuring Red Hat High Availability Add-On software with the ccs consists of the following steps:
  1. Ensuring that ricci is running on all nodes in the cluster. Refer to 節 6.3, “Starting ricci.
  2. Creating a cluster. Refer to 節 6.4, “Creating and Modifying a Cluster”.
  3. Configuring fence devices. Refer to 節 6.5, “Configuring Fence Devices”.
  4. Configuring fencing for cluster members. Refer to 節 6.7, “Configuring Fencing for Cluster Members”.
  5. Creating failover domains. Refer to 節 6.8, “Configuring a Failover Domain”.
  6. Creating cluster services. Refer to 節 6.10, “Adding a Cluster Service to the Cluster”.
  7. Configuring a quorum disk, if necessary. Refer to 節 6.13, “Configuring a Quorum Disk”.
  8. Configuring global cluster properties. Refer to 節 6.14, “Miscellaneous Cluster Configuration”.
  9. Propagating the cluster configuration file to all of the cluster nodes. Refer to 節 6.15, “Propagating the Configuration File to the Cluster Nodes”.