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附錄 G. Revision History

修訂 7.1-6Thu Feb 19 2015Steven Levine
Adding new chapter -- Getting Started: Overview
修訂 7.1-3Tue Dec 16 2014Steven Levine
Updating to implement sort_order on the RHEL 6 splash page
修訂 7.1-1Tue Oct 28 2014Steven Levine
Resolves: #1157218
Corrects STATDARG variable typo.
修訂 7.0-13Wed Oct 8 2014Steven Levine
Version for 6.6 GA release
修訂 7.0-12Fri Sep 26 2014Steven Levine
Resolves: #11288810
Adds SCSI fence note
修訂 7.0-11Thu Aug 7 2014Steven Levine
Version for 6.6 Beta release
修訂 7.0-10Mon Jul 28 2014Steven Levine
Latest draft for 6.6 release
Resolves: #1107601, #1098288, #969087, #987070, #1010049, #1081182, #1099579, #1062178
Small technical and editorial corrections and clarifications.
Resolves: #1092726, #1093131, #1061769, #1081215, #1081222
Documents new resource agent parameters
Resolves: #1092730, #1081143, #1081147
Documents new fence agent parameters
Resolves: #1035013
Clarifies that automatic updates must be disabled for clusters
Resolves: #1124063
Adds parameter table for Bind Mount resource agent
Resolves: #1081260
Documents new ccs start and stop options
Resolves: #856311
References fence_check man page
Resolves: #987587
Adds parameter table for Named (Bind 9) resource agent
Resolves: #1081175
Adds parameter table for kdump fence agent
Resolves: #1081181
Documents addition of sorting capabilities to cluster resource list on luci
Resolves: #1081222
Documents addition of sorting capabilities to cluster resource list on luci
Resolves: #1094508
Clarifies description of nfsexport resource agent configuration
修訂 6.0-21Wed Nov 13 2013Steven Levine
Version for 6.5 GA release
修訂 6.0-20Wed Nov 6 2013Steven Levine
Resolves: #986462
Updates oracledb resource table.
修訂 6.0-16Tue Oct 29 2013Steven Levine
Resolves: #1021045
Corrects example of iptables rule.
修訂 6.0-15Fri Sep 27 2013Steven Levine
Version for 6.5 Beta release
修訂 6.0-12Thu Sep 26 2013Steven Levine
Resolves: #884758, #893575, #969525, #969139, #987151, #987623
Small updates to fence device parameter tables.
Resolves: #901637, #983739, 986462
Small updates to resource parameter tables.
Resolves: #633495
Documents configuration of nfsexport and nfsserver resources.
Resolves: #852966, #975512, #977194, #991297, #874211, #908328, #919600,#955405, #972521, #986474, #987135, #698454, #967986
Small corrections and clarifications throughout document.
修訂 6.0-3Thu Sep 05 2013Steven Levine
Major review revision for all 6.5 BZs.
修訂 6.0-2Fri Jun 14 2013Steven Levine
Adding section on configuring nfsserver and nfsexport.
修訂 6.0-1Thu Jun 13 2013Steven Levine
Updating cluster update procedures and qdisk considerations.
修訂 5.0-25Mon Feb 18 2013Steven Levine
Version for 6.4 GA release
修訂 5.0-23Wed Jan 30 2013Steven Levine
Resolves: 901641
Corrects and clarifies iptables rules.
修訂 5.0-22Tue Jan 29 2013Steven Levine
Resolves: 788636
Documents RRP configuration through ccs command.
Resolves: 789010
Document RRP configuration in the cluster.conf file.
修訂 5.0-20Fri Jan 18 2013Steven Levine
Resolves: 894097
Removes advice to ensure you are not using VLAN tagging.
Resolves: 845365
Indicates that bonding modes 0 and 2 are now supported.
修訂 5.0-19Thu Jan 17 2013Steven Levine
Resolves: 896234
Clarifies terminology of cluster node references.
修訂 5.0-16Mon Nov 26 2012Steven Levine
Version for 6.4 Beta release
修訂 5.0-15Wed Nov 20 2012Steven Levine
Resolves: 838988
Documents nfsrestart attribute for file system resource agents.
Resolves: 843169
Documents IBM iPDU fence agent.
Resolves: 846121
Documents Eaton Network Power Controller (SNMP Interface) fence agent.
Resolves: 856834
Documents HP Bladesystem fence agent.
Resolves: 865313
Documents NFS Server resource agent.
Resolves: 862281
Clarifies which ccs commands overwrite previous settings.
Resolves: 846205
Documents iptables firewall filtering for igmp component.
Resolves: 857172
Documents ability to remove users from luci.
Resolves: 857165
Documents the privilege level parameter of the IPMI fence agent.
Resolves: 840912
Clears up formatting issue with resource parameter table.
Resolves: 849240, 870292
Clarifies installation procedure.
Resolves: 871165
Clarifies description of IP address parameter in description of IP address resource agent.
Resolves: 845333, 869039, 856681
Fixes small typographical errors and clarifies small technical ambiguities.
修訂 5.0-12Thu Nov 1 2012Steven Levine
Added newly-supported fence agents.
修訂 5.0-7Thu Oct 25 2012Steven Levine
Added section on override semantics.
修訂 5.0-6Tue Oct 23 2012Steven Levine
Fixed default value of Post Join Delay.
修訂 5.0-4Tue Oct 16 2012Steven Levine
Added description of NFS server resource.
修訂 5.0-2Thu Oct 11 2012Steven Levine
Updates to Conga descriptions.
修訂 5.0-1Mon Oct 8 2012Steven Levine
Clarifying ccs semantics
修訂 4.0-5Fri Jun 15 2012Steven Levine
Version for 6.3 GA release
修訂 4.0-4Tue Jun 12 2012Steven Levine
Resolves: 830148
Ensures consistency of port number examples for luci.
修訂 4.0-3Tue May 21 2012Steven Levine
Resolves: 696897
Adds cluster.conf parameter information to tables of fence device parameters and resource parameters.
Resolves: 811643
Adds procedure for restoring a luci database on a separate machine.
修訂 4.0-2Wed Apr 25 2012Steven Levine
Resolves: 815619
Removes warning about using UDP Unicast with GFS2 file systems.
修訂 4.0-1Fri Mar 30 2012Steven Levine
Resolves: 771447, 800069, 800061
Updates documentation of luci to be consistent with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.3 version.
Resolves: 712393
Adds information on capturing an application core for RGManager.
Resolves: 800074
Documents condor resource agent.
Resolves: 757904
Documents luci configuration backup and restore.
Resolves: 772374
Adds section on managing virtual machines in a cluster.
Resolves: 712378
Adds documentation for HA-LVM configuration.
Resolves: 712400
Documents debug options.
Resolves: 751156
Documents new fence_ipmilan parameter.
Resolves: 721373
Documents which configuration changes require a cluster restart.
修訂 3.0-5Thu Dec 1 2011Steven Levine
Release for GA of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2
Resolves: 755849
Corrects monitor_link parameter example.
修訂 3.0-4Mon Nov 7 2011Steven Levine
Resolves: 749857
Adds documentation for RHEV-M REST API fence device.
修訂 3.0-3Fri Oct 21 2011Steven Levine
Resolves: #747181, #747182, #747184, #747185, #747186, #747187, #747188, #747189, #747190, #747192
Corrects typographical errors and ambiguities found during documentation QE review for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2.
修訂 3.0-2Fri Oct 7 2011Steven Levine
Resolves: #743757
Corrects reference to supported bonding mode in troubleshooting section.
修訂 3.0-1Wed Sep 28 2011Steven Levine
Initial revision for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2 Beta release
Resolves: #739613
Documents support for new ccs options to display available fence devices and available services.
Resolves: #707740
Documents updates to the Conga interface and documents support for setting user permissions to administer Conga.
Resolves: #731856
Documents supports for configuring luci by means of the /etc/sysconfig/luci file.
Resolves: #736134
Documents support for UDPU transport.
Resolves: #736143
Documents support for clustered Samba.
Resolves: #617634
Documents how to configure the only IP address luci is served at.
Resolves: #713259
Documents support for fence_vmware_soap agent.
Resolves: #721009
Provides link to Support Essentials article.
Resolves: #717006
Provides information on allowing multicast traffic through the iptables firewall.
Resolves: #717008
Provides information about cluster service status check and failover timeout.
Resolves: #711868
Clarifies description of autostart.
Resolves: #728337
Documents procedure for adding vm resources with the ccs command.
Resolves: #725315, #733011, #733074, #733689
Corrects small typographical errors.
修訂 2.0-1Thu May 19 2011Steven Levine
Initial revision for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1
Resolves: #671250
Documents support for SNMP traps.
Resolves: #659753
Documents ccs command.
Resolves: #665055
Updates Conga documentation to reflect updated display and feature support.
Resolves: #680294
Documents need for password access for ricci agent.
Resolves: #687871
Adds chapter on troubleshooting.
Resolves: #673217
Fixes typographical error.
Resolves: #675805
Adds reference to cluster.conf schema to tables of HA resource parameters.
Resolves: #672697
Updates tables of fence device parameters to include all currently supported fencing devices.
Resolves: #677994
Corrects information for fence_ilo fence agent parameters.
Resolves: #629471
Adds technical note about setting consensus value in a two-node cluster.
Resolves: #579585
Updates section on upgrading Red Hat High Availability Add-On Software.
Resolves: #643216
Clarifies small issues throughout document.
Resolves: #643191
Provides improvements and corrections for the luci documentation.
Resolves: #704539
Updates the table of Virtual Machine resource parameters.
修訂 1.0-1Wed Nov 10 2010Paul Kennedy
Initial release for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6