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17.2. 開​​​​​​​放​​​​​​​連​​​​​​​接​​​​​​​視​​​​​​​窗​​​​​​​

This window appears first and prompts the user to choose a hypervisor session. Non-privileged users can initiate a read-only session. Root users can start a session with full blown read-write status. For normal use, select the Local Xen host option. You start the Virtual Machine Manager test mode by selecting the Other hypervisor and then type test:///default in the URL field beneath. Once in test mode, you can connect to a libvirt dummy hypervisor. Note that although the Remote Xen host screen is visible, the functionality to connect to such a host is not implemented into Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.1.
Virtual Machine Manager Connection window

圖形 17.1. Virtual Machine Manager Connection window