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15.6. 儲​​​​​​​存​​​​​​​虛​​​​​​​擬​​​​​​​主​​​​​​​機​​​​​​​

您​​​​​​​可​​​​​​​以​​​​​​​使​​​​​​​用​​​​​​​ virsh 來​​​​​​​將​​​​​​​虛​​​​​​​擬​​​​​​​主​​​​​​​機​​​​​​​的​​​​​​​目​​​​​​​前​​​​​​​狀​​​​​​​態​​​​​​​儲​​​​​​​存​​​​​​​至​​​​​​​檔​​​​​​​案​​​​​​​中​​​​​​​:
virsh save [domain-name][domain-id | domain-uuid][filename]
This stops the virtual machine you specify and saves the data to a file, which may take some time given the amount of memory in use by your virtual machine. You can restore the state of the virtual machine with the restore option.