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15.3. 設​​​​​​​定​​​​​​​ XML 傾​​​​​​​印​​​​​​​

您​​​​​​​可​​​​​​​以​​​​​​​使​​​​​​​用​​​​​​​ virsh 來​​​​​​​為​​​​​​​既​​​​​​​有​​​​​​​虛​​​​​​​擬​​​​​​​主​​​​​​​機​​​​​​​執​​​​​​​行​​​​​​​資​​​​​​​料​​​​​​​傾​​​​​​​印​​​​​​​。​​​​​​​
virsh dumpxml [domain-id | domain-name | domain-uuid]
This command outputs the domain information (in XML) to stdout . If you save the data to a file, you can use the create option to recreate the virtual machine.