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15.9. 配置 DNS 端点

如果使用 DNS 主机名通过 SSL/TLS 访问 overcloud,则需要将 custom-domain.yaml 文件复制到 /home/stack/templates 中。您可以在 /usr/share/tripleo-heat-templates/environments/predictable-placement/ 中找到这个文件。

  1. 为所有字段配置主机和域名,如果需要,为自定义网络添加参数:


    如果初始部署中不包含此环境文件,则无法使用 TLS-everywhere 架构重新部署。

    # title: Custom Domain Name
    # description: |
    #   This environment contains the parameters that need to be set in order to
    #   use a custom domain name and have all of the various FQDNs reflect it.
      # The DNS domain used for the hosts. This must match the overcloud_domain_name configured on the undercloud.
      # Type: string
      CloudDomain: localdomain
      # The DNS name of this cloud. E.g.
      # Type: string
      CloudName: overcloud.localdomain
      # The DNS name of this cloud's provisioning network endpoint. E.g. ''.
      # Type: string
      CloudNameCtlplane: overcloud.ctlplane.localdomain
      # The DNS name of this cloud's internal_api endpoint. E.g. ''.
      # Type: string
      CloudNameInternal: overcloud.internalapi.localdomain
      # The DNS name of this cloud's storage endpoint. E.g. ''.
      # Type: string
      # The DNS name of this cloud's storage_mgmt endpoint. E.g. ''.
      # Type: string
      CloudNameStorageManagement: overcloud.storagemgmt.localdomain
  2. 在新的或现有环境文件中,添加用于参数默认值的 DNS 服务器列表:

      DnsServers: [""]