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7.6. 使用 Web UI 同步 OTP 令牌

如果 OTP 登录(一次时间密码)失败,OTP 令牌不会被正确同步。



  • 此时打开登录屏幕。
  • 生成 OTP 令牌的设备。


  1. 在 IdM Web UI 登录屏幕上,单击 Sync OTP Token

    A screenshot of the IdM Web UI log in page. The "Username" and "Password" fields are empty. A link to "Sync OTP Token" at the bottom right next to the "Log In" button is highlighted.

  2. 在登录屏幕中,输入您的用户名和密码。
  3. 生成一个时间密码,并将它输入到 First OTP 字段中。
  4. 再生成一个时间密码,并将它输入到第二个 OTP 字段中。
  5. (可选)输入令牌 ID。

    A screenshot of the screen to change the OTP token. The "Username" field has been filled in with "admin". The password in the "Password" field has been obfuscated with solid circles. The "First OTP" and "Second OTP" fields also have their 6-character entries obfuscated. The last field is labeled "Token ID" and has 16 hexadecimal characters such as "18c5d06cfcbd4927". There are "Cancel" and "Sync OTP Token" buttons at the bottom right.

  6. 单击 Sync OTP Token

同步成功后,您可以登录 IdM 服务器。