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46.6. 在 IdM Web UI 中删除主机组成员

按照以下流程,使用 Web 界面(Web UI)删除 IdM 中的主机组成员。



  1. 点击 Identity → Groups ,并选择 Host Groups 选项卡。
  2. 单击您要从中删除成员的组的名称。
  3. 单击 HostsHost groups 选项卡,具体取决于您要删除的成员的类型。
  4. 选中您要删除的成员旁边的复选框。
  5. 点击 Delete。此时会出现确认对话框。

    A screenshot of a pop-up window titled "Remove host groups from host group ipaservers." The content says "Are you sure you want to delete the selected entries" and "group_name" below that. There are "Delete" and "Cancel" buttons at the bottom right corner of the window.

  6. 单击 Delete 确认。已选择的成员被删除。