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3.3. Configuring Storage Devices

By default, DM Multipath includes support for the most common storage arrays that themselves support DM Multipath. For information on the default configuration value, including supported devices, run either of the following commands.
# multipathd show config
# multipath -t 
如果您需要添加一个在默认情况下不支持的存储设备作为已知多路径设备,请编辑 /etc/multipath.conf 文件并插入正确的设备信息。
For example, to add information about the HP Open-V series the entry looks like this. This example sets the device to queue for a minute (or 12 retries and 5 seconds per retry) after all paths have failed.
devices {
        device {
                vendor "HP"
                product "OPEN-V"
                no_path_retry 12
For more information on the devices section of the configuration file, see 第 4.5 节 “配置文件设备”.