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A Red Hat training course is available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

第 1 章 构架

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1 is available as a single kit on the following architectures: [1]
  • 64-位 AMD
  • 64-位 Intel
  • IBM POWER7+ and POWER8 (big endian)
  • IBM POWER8(big endian)[2]
  • IBM System z [3]
在这个发行本中,Red Hat 为您提供服务器和系统改进,以及 Red Hat 开源体验的总体改进。

1.1. Red Hat Enterprise Linux for POWER, little endian

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1 introduces little endian support on IBM Power Systems servers using IBM POWER8 processors. Previously in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, only the big endian variant was offered for IBM Power Systems. Support for little endian on POWER8-based servers aims to improve portability of applications between 64-bit Intel compatible systems (x86_64) and IBM Power Systems.
  • Separate installation media are offered for installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux on IBM Power Systems servers in little endian mode. These media are available from the Downloads section of the Red Hat Customer Portal.
  • 只有用于 POWER little endian 的 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 支持基于 IBM POWER8 处理器的服务器。
  • Currently, Red Hat Enterprise Linux for POWER, little endian is supported only as a KVM guest under Red Hat Enteprise Virtualization for Power. Installation on bare metal hardware is currently not supported.
  • GRUB2 引导装载程序用于安装介质和网络引导。已更新《安装指南》,添加了使用 GRUB2 为 IBM Power Systems 客户端设置网络引导服务器的操作说明。
  • 所有用于 IBM Power Systems 的软件包都可用于 POWER Red Hat Enterprise Linux little endian 和 big endian 变体。
  • 为用于 POWER little endian 的 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 构建的软件包使用 ppc64le 架构代码 - 例如:gcc-4.8.3-9.ael7b.ppc64le.rpm

[1] Note that the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1 installation is supported only on 64-bit hardware. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1 is able to run 32-bit operating systems, including previous versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, as virtual machines.
[2] Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1(little endian)是目前 Red Hat Enteprise Virtualization for PowerPowerVM hypervisor 唯一支持的 KVM 虚拟机。
[3] 注:Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1 支持 IBM zEnterprise 196 硬件或者更新的产品;不再支持 IBM System z10 大型机系统,同时将不会引导 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1。