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3.3. 硬件要求

For a list of minimum hardware requirements of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, see the Red Hat Enterprise Linux technology capabilities and limits page. Also note that the minimum memory requirements listed on that page assume that you create a swap space based on the recommendations in 第 9.15.5 节 “推荐的分区方案”. Systems with low memory (1 GB and less) and less than the recommended amount of swap space may have issues ranging from low responsivity up to and including complete inability to boot after the installation.
要在 x86、AMD64 以及 Intel 64 系统中安装 Red Hat Enterprise Linux,Red Hat 支持以下安装目标:
  • 通过标准内部接口连接的硬盘,比如 SCSI、SATA 或者 SAS
  • BIOS/固件 RAID 设备
Red Hat 不支持在 USB 驱动器或者 SD 内存卡中安装。
Red Hat 还支持使用以下虚拟化技术安装:
  • Xen 虚拟机中的 Intel 处理器 Xen 块设备
  • KVM 虚拟机中 Intel 处理器的 VirtIO 块设备