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2.4. 集群注意事项

决定您系统中包含的节点数时,请注意在高可用性和性能之间要有所取舍。如果有大量的节点,则很难形成大规模负载。因此,Red Hat 不支持在超过 16 个节点的集群文件系统部署中使用 GFS2。
Deploying a cluster file system is not a "drop in" replacement for a single node deployment. We recommend that you allow a period of around 8-12 weeks of testing on new installations in order to test the system and ensure that it is working at the required performance level. During this period any performance or functional issues can be worked out and any queries should be directed to the Red Hat support team.
我们建议考虑部署集群的客户在部署前请Red Hat 支持团队审核其配置,这样可以避免之后可能存在的支持问题。