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4.3.4. 显​​​​​​​示​​​​​​​卷​​​​​​​组​​​​​​​

您​​​​​​​可​​​​​​​以​​​​​​​使​​​​​​​用​​​​​​​两​​​​​​​个​​​​​​​命​​​​​​​令​​​​​​​来​​​​​​​显​​​​​​​示​​​​​​​ LVM 卷​​​​​​​组​​​​​​​的​​​​​​​属​​​​​​​性​​​​​​​:vgs 和​​​​​​​ vgdisplay。​​​​​​​
The vgs command provides volume group information in a configurable form, displaying one line per volume group. The vgs command provides a great deal of format control, and is useful for scripting. For information on using the vgs command to customize your output, see 第 4.9 节 “为​​​​​​​ LVM 自​​​​​​​定​​​​​​​义​​​​​​​报​​​​​​​告​​​​​​​”.
vgdisplay 命​​​​​​​令​​​​​​​以​​​​​​​固​​​​​​​定​​​​​​​格​​​​​​​式​​​​​​​显​​​​​​​示​​​​​​​卷​​​​​​​组​​​​​​​属​​​​​​​性​​​​​​​(比​​​​​​​如​​​​​​​大​​​​​​​小​​​​​​​、​​​​​​​扩​​​​​​​展​​​​​​​、​​​​​​​物​​​​​​​理​​​​​​​卷​​​​​​​数​​​​​​​量​​​​​​​等​​​​​​​等​​​​​​​)。​​​​​​​下​​​​​​​面​​​​​​​的​​​​​​​例​​​​​​​子​​​​​​​就​​​​​​​是​​​​​​​对​​​​​​​卷​​​​​​​组​​​​​​​ new_vg 执​​​​​​​行​​​​​​​ vgdisplay 命​​​​​​​令​​​​​​​时​​​​​​​的​​​​​​​输​​​​​​​出​​​​​​​结​​​​​​​果​​​​​​​。​​​​​​​如​​​​​​​果​​​​​​​您​​​​​​​没​​​​​​​有​​​​​​​指​​​​​​​定​​​​​​​卷​​​​​​​组​​​​​​​,那​​​​​​​么​​​​​​​就​​​​​​​会​​​​​​​列​​​​​​​出​​​​​​​所​​​​​​​有​​​​​​​现​​​​​​​有​​​​​​​的​​​​​​​卷​​​​​​​组​​​​​​​。​​​​​​​
# vgdisplay new_vg
  --- Volume group ---
  VG Name               new_vg
  System ID
  Format                lvm2
  Metadata Areas        3
  Metadata Sequence No  11
  VG Access             read/write
  VG Status             resizable
  MAX LV                0
  Cur LV                1
  Open LV               0
  Max PV                0
  Cur PV                3
  Act PV                3
  VG Size               51.42 GB
  PE Size               4.00 MB
  Total PE              13164
  Alloc PE / Size       13 / 52.00 MB
  Free  PE / Size       13151 / 51.37 GB
  VG UUID               jxQJ0a-ZKk0-OpMO-0118-nlwO-wwqd-fD5D32