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Red Hat Training

A Red Hat training course is available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

4.3.2. 在​​​​​​​ Itanium 系​​​​​​​统​​​​​​​上​​​​​​​引​​​​​​​导​​​​​​​安​​​​​​​装​​​​​​​程​​​​​​​序​​​​​​​

Your Itanium system should be able to boot the Red Hat Enterprise Linux installation program directly from the Red Hat Enterprise Linux CD #1. If your Itanium cannot boot the installation program from the CD-ROM (or if you want to perform a hard drive, NFS, FTP, or HTTP installation) you must boot from an LS-120 diskette. Refer to 第 节 “从​​​​​​​ LS-120 磁​​​​​​​盘​​​​​​​来​​​​​​​引​​​​​​​导​​​​​​​安​​​​​​​装​​​​​​​程​​​​​​​序​​​​​​​” for more information. 从​​​​​​​光​​​​​​​盘​​​​​​​中​​​​​​​引​​​​​​​导​​​​​​​安​​​​​​​装​​​​​​​程​​​​​​​序​​​​​​​

要​​​​​​​从​​​​​​​Red Hat Enterprise Linux 的​​​​​​​第​​​​​​​一​​​​​​​张​​​​​​​光​​​​​​​盘​​​​​​​中​​​​​​​引​​​​​​​导​​​​​​​,遵​​​​​​​循​​​​​​​这​​​​​​​些​​​​​​​步​​​​​​​骤​​​​​​​:
  1. 取​​​​​​​出​​​​​​​Red Hat Enterprise Linux 第​​​​​​​一​​​​​​​张​​​​​​​光​​​​​​​盘​​​​​​​以​​​​​​​外​​​​​​​的​​​​​​​所​​​​​​​有​​​​​​​介​​​​​​​质​​​​​​​。​​​​​​​
  2. 从​​​​​​​「​​​​​​​引​​​​​​​导​​​​​​​选​​​​​​​项​​​​​​​」​​​​​​​菜​​​​​​​单​​​​​​​中​​​​​​​选​​​​​​​择​​​​​​​「​​​​​​​EFI Shell」​​​​​​​。​​​​​​​
  3. At the Shell> prompt, change to the file system on the CD-ROM. For example, in the above sample map output, the system partition on the CD-ROM is fs1. To change to the fs1 file system, type fs1: at the prompt.
  4. 键​​​​​​​入​​​​​​​ elilo linux 来​​​​​​​引​​​​​​​导​​​​​​​入​​​​​​​安​​​​​​​装​​​​​​​程​​​​​​​序​​​​​​​。​​​​​​​