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3.12.2. 创建或更新 ActiveDocs

使用以下命令创建新的 ActiveDocs(如果不存在),或者使用新的 API 定义更新现有 ActiveDocs:

3scale activedocs apply <remote> <activedocs_id_or_system_name>

在更新 ActiveDocs 时使用以下选项:

  -d --description=<value>              Specify the description of the
       --hide                           Specify to hide the ActiveDocs
                                        on the Developer Portal
 -i --service-id=<value>                Specify the Service ID associated
                                        to the ActiveDocs
 -o --output=<value>                    Output format on stdout:
                                        one of json|yaml
    --openapi-spec=<value>              Specify the Swagger specification.
                                        Can be a file, a URL or '-' to read
                                        from stdin. This is a mandatory
                                        option when applying the ActiveDoc
                                        for the first time.
 -p --publish                           Specify to publish the ActiveDocs
                                        on the Developer Portal. Otherwise
                                        it is hidden
 -s --name=<value>                      Specify the name of the ActiveDocs
    --skip-swagger-validations=<value>  Specify whether to skip validation
                                        of the Swagger specification: true
                                        or false. Defaults to true.

Options for ActiveDocs
    -c --config-file=<value>           3scale toolbox configuration file:
                                       defaults to $HOME/.3scalerc.yaml
    -h --help                          Print help for this command
    -k --insecure                      Proceed and operate even for server
                                       connections otherwise considered
    -v --version                       Print the version of this command
       --verbose                       Verbose mode

activedocs 应用 --skip-swagger-validations 的行为在 3scale 2.8 中 更改。您可能需要使用 activedocs apply 更新现有脚本。在以前的版本中,如果您没有在每个 activedocs apply 命令中指定这个选项,则不会跳过验证。现在,--skip-swagger-validations 默认为 true