Chapter 3. IdM server performance recommendations

The following table shows the maximum number of users and clients that you can add or enroll to the IdM environment at the same time that ensure a stable performance of your IdM server.

Table 3.1. Maximum number per IdM server


Client enrollments

The maximum number of the IdM clients that you can enroll with an IdM server at the same time before enrollment starts failing.


Adding users

The maximum number of users you can add at the same time using the ipa user-add[] command from different IdM clients before failing to add a user.

You can add more users over the same amount of time by using the IdM API batch command. We recommend adding users in batches of 100 users. For more details about batch command, see Using batches for executing IdM API commands.


Client authentications

The maximum number of the IdM clients that can authenticate at the same time before authentications start to fail.


Adding a member to a user group

The recommended number of members in a group that you can add without exceeding time for adding a new member to a group. IdM has a two-seconds rule as a normal time frame for adding a member to a group. You can add more members, but the time of the action will progressively extend.