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Chapter 35. Legacy network scripts support in RHEL

By default, RHEL uses NetworkManager to configure and manage network connections, and the /usr/sbin/ifup and /usr/sbin/ifdown scripts use NetworkManager to process ifcfg files in the /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ directory.


The legacy scripts are deprecated in RHEL 8 and will be removed in a future major version of RHEL. If you still use the legacy network scripts, for example, because you upgraded from an earlier version to RHEL 8, Red Hat recommends that you migrate your configuration to NetworkManager.

35.1. Installing the legacy network scripts

If you require the deprecated network scripts that processes the network configuration without using NetworkManager, you can install them. In this case, the /usr/sbin/ifup and /usr/sbin/ifdown scripts link to the deprecated shell scripts that manage the network configuration.


  • Install the network-scripts package:

    # yum install network-scripts