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4.3.2. Iniciando o Programa de Instalação em Sistemas Itanium

Your Itanium system should be able to boot the Red Hat Enterprise Linux installation program directly from the Red Hat Enterprise Linux CD #1. If your Itanium cannot boot the installation program from the CD-ROM (or if you want to perform a hard drive, NFS, FTP, or HTTP installation) you must boot from an LS-120 diskette. Refer to Seção, “Iniciando o Programa de Instalação por um Disquete LS-120” for more information. Inicializando o Programa de Instalação a partir do DVD/CD-ROM

Para iniciar pelo CD 1 do Red Hat Enterprise Linux, siga estes passos:
  1. Remova todas as mídias exceto o CD 1 do Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
  2. No menu Opção de Inicialização selecione Shell EFI.
  3. At the Shell> prompt, change to the file system on the CD-ROM. For example, in the above sample map output, the system partition on the CD-ROM is fs1. To change to the fs1 file system, type fs1: at the prompt.
  4. Digite elilo linux para inicializar no programa de instalação.
  5. Go to Capítulo 4, Instalando em Sistemas Intel® e AMD to begin the installation.