Chapter 10. Creating a diagnostic log for support

If you need help from the Red Hat support team, you can create and share diagnostic log files. These log files can help the support team to troubleshoot issues with insights-client.

10.1. Creating a diagnostic log

You can create a diagnostic log to share with the support team.


  • Root-level access to your system.


  1. Enter the insights-client command with the --support option.

    [root@insights]# insights-client --support

    The command displays informational messages while creating the support file.

    Collecting logs...
    Insights version: insights-core-3.0.121-1
    Registration check:
    status: True
    unreachable: False
    . . . .
    Copying Insights logs to archive...
    Support information collected in /var/tmp/H_Y43a/insights-client-logs-20190927144011.tar.gz
  2. Navigate to the collection directory as shown in the Support information collected in message.

    [root@insights]# cd /var/tmp/H_Y43a
  3. Unpack the compressed tar.gz file.

    [root@insights]# tar -xzf insights-client-logs-20190927144011.tar.gz

    Unzipping the tar.gz file produces a new directory containing the log files. You can share the tar.gz file with the support team if requested.