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9.7.2. 설정 파일 지시문

다음은 GRUB 메뉴 설정 파일에서 주로 사용되는 지시문입니다:
  • chainloader </path/to/file> — Loads the specified file as a chain loader. Replace </path/to/file> with the absolute path to the chain loader. If the file is located on the first sector of the specified partition, use the blocklist notation, +1.
  • color <normal-color> <selected-color> — Allows specific colors to be used in the menu, where two colors are configured as the foreground and background. Use simple color names such as red/black. For example:
    color red/black green/blue
  • default=<integer> — Replace <integer> with the default entry title number to be loaded if the menu interface times out.
  • fallback=<integer> — Replace <integer> with the entry title number to try if the first attempt fails.
  • hiddenmenu — GRUB 메뉴 인터페이스가 보이지 않게하고, timeout이 만료되면 default 항목을 읽어옵니다. 사용자는 Esc 키를 눌러 기본적인 GRUB 메뉴을 볼 수 있습니다.
  • initrd </path/to/initrd> — Enables users to specify an initial RAM disk to use when booting. Replace </path/to/initrd> with the absolute path to the initial RAM disk.
  • kernel </path/to/kernel> <option-1> <option-N> — Specifies the kernel file to load when booting the operating system. Replace </path/to/kernel> with an absolute path from the partition specified by the root directive. Multiple options can be passed to the kernel when it is loaded.
  • password=<password> — Prevents a user who does not know the password from editing the entries for this menu option.
    Optionally, it is possible to specify an alternate menu configuration file after the password=<password> directive. In this case, GRUB restarts the second stage boot loader and uses the specified alternate configuration file to build the menu. If an alternate menu configuration file is left out of the command, a user who knows the password is allowed to edit the current configuration file.
    GRUB 보안에 관한 보다 자세한 내용은 Red Hat Enterprise Linux Deployment Guide에 있는 워크스테이션 보안 장을 참조하시기 바랍니다.
  • root (<device-type><device-number>,<partition>) — Configures the root partition for GRUB, such as (hd0,0), and mounts the partition.
  • rootnoverify (<device-type><device-number>,<partition>) — Configures the root partition for GRUB, just like the root command, but does not mount the partition.
  • timeout=<integer> — Specifies the interval, in seconds, that GRUB waits before loading the entry designated in the default command.
  • splashimage=<path-to-image> — Specifies the location of the splash screen image to be used when GRUB boots.
  • title group-title — 커널이나 운영 체제를 읽어오기 위해 특정 그룹의 명령에 사용될 칭호를 지정합니다.
메뉴 설정 파일에 읽기 쉬운 주석을 추가하시려면, 해쉬 마크 (#)로 줄을 시작합니다.