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12장. IBM System i 및 IBM System p 시스템에 설치하기

This chapter explains how to perform a Red Hat Enterprise Linux installation from the DVD/CD-ROM, using the graphical, mouse-based installation program. The following topics are discussed:
  • Becoming familiar with the installation program's user interface
  • 설치 프로그램 시작하기
  • 설치 방법 선택하기
  • 설치 과정에서 설정 단계들 (언어, 키보드, 마우스, 파티션하기, 그 외 기타)
  • 설치 끝마치기

12.1. 그래픽 설치 프로그램 사용자 인터페이스

If you have used a graphical user interface (GUI) before, you are already familiar with this process; use your mouse to navigate the screens, click buttons, or enter text fields.
You can also navigate through the installation using the keyboard. The Tab key allows you to move around the screen, the Up and Down arrow keys to scroll through lists, + and - keys expand and collapse lists, while Space and Enter selects or removes from selection a highlighted item. You can also use the Alt+X key command combination as a way of clicking on buttons or making other screen selections, where X is replaced with any underlined letter appearing within that screen.
If you would like to use a graphical installation with a system that does not have that capability, such as a partitioned system, you can use VNC or display forwarding. Both the VNC and display forwarding options require an active network during the installation and the use of boot time arguments. For more information on available boot time options, refer to 15장. IBM Power 시스템에 대한 추가 부트 옵션


If you do not wish to use the GUI installation program, the text mode installation program is also available. To start the text mode installation program, use the following command at the yaboot: prompt:
linux text
Refer to 12.5절. “텍스트 모드 설치 프로그램 사용자 인터페이스” for a brief overview of text mode installation instructions.
It is highly recommended that installs be performed using the GUI installation program. The GUI installation program offers the full functionality of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux installation program, including LVM configuration which is not available during a text mode installation.
Users who must use the text mode installation program can follow the GUI installation instructions and obtain all needed information.

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