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第1章 Should You Use This Guide?

The Quick Start Guide enables you to install and configure your Satellite Server based on a set of assumptions about your environment. This includes setting up the required topology and providing all of the configuration information needed to provision hosts on your network.

You should use this guide if the following assumptions apply to your environment:

  • You are performing a fresh installation of Red Hat Satellite.
  • You will have a single Satellite Server deployment.
  • You can connect to the Red Hat Content Network to obtain packages and receive updates.
  • You have an existing external DNS server that you want to connect to Satellite Server.
  • Your environment does not use DHCP, or uses external DHCP services.
  • You have an existing host that you want to register to Satellite to use for patching.
  • You want to use PXE-less discovery to provision hosts.
  • You use a kickstart-based deployment.
  • Your deployment uses simple Content Views.
  • You are using IPv4.

Some of the tasks in this guide use example information. You should ensure that you use values that are specific to your environment.

If your environment does not fit with these assumptions, you can use the following resources to assist you with installing Satellite Server: