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第6章 Patching Your Systems

To patch your systems through Satellite Server, you need to register your systems first, and then choose to install Katello agent or use remote execution. Remote execution is enabled by default. This chapter covers both methods. Choose the option that suits your environment

Note that the Katello agent is deprecated and will be removed in a future Satellite version. Migrate your workloads to use the remote execution feature to update clients remotely. For more information, see Host Management Without Goferd and Katello Agent in the Managing Hosts Guide.

6.1. Registering Existing Hosts

This section explains how to register Red Hat Enterprise Linux Hosts and Atomic Hosts.

6.1.1. Registering an Existing Red Hat Enterprise Linux Host

  1. On the host, clear any old data to ensure updated data is uploaded correctly.

    # subscription-manager clean
  2. Install the katello-ca-consumer-latest RPM.

    # rpm -Uvh

    This installs the proper certificates which allow communication between the client and the Satellite Server.

  3. Register the host.

    # subscription-manager register --org="Default_Organization" \

6.1.2. Registering an Atomic Host

The following procedure explains how to register an Atomic Host with Subscription Manager.

  1. Retrieve katello-rhsm-consumer from the Satellite Server:

    [root@atomic_client ~]# wget
  2. Change the mode of katello-rhsm-consumer in order to make it executable:

    [root@atomic_client ~]# chmod +x katello-rhsm-consumer
  3. Run katello-rhsm-consumer:

    [root@atomic_client ~]# ./katello-rhsm-consumer
  4. Register with Red Hat Subscription Manager:

    [root@atomic_client ~]# subscription-manager register

Because Atomic is functionally an appliance, we do not recommend that you try to install katello-agent on it.