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6.3. Patching Your System Using Remote Execution

6.3.1. Enabling Remote Execution on a Host

During Satellite Server installation, an internal Capsule Server is automatically installed along with a public SSH key. The internal Capsule Server loads the SSH key from /usr/share/foreman-proxy/.ssh/id_rsa_foreman_proxy. You can enable remote execution by distributing the public SSH key to a host.

On the Satellite Server, distribute the key to the host.

 # ssh-copy-id -i ~foreman-proxy/.ssh/

6.3.2. Installing Errata on Your Host

Satellite provides default job templates for executing remote jobs, one of which is for installing errata.

  1. Go to HostsAll hosts and click the check box next to the host’s name.
  2. Click Select Action and select Schedule Remote Job from the drop-down menu.
  3. In the Job category drop-down menu, select Katello.
  4. In the Job template drop-down menu, select Install Errata-Katello SSH Default.
  5. In the errata field, enter the errata ID.
  6. Select Execute now and click Submit.