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6.2. Patching Your System Using Katello Agent

6.2.1. Installing Katello Agent

Note that the Katello agent is deprecated and will be removed in a future Satellite version. Migrate your workloads to use the remote execution feature to update clients remotely. For more information, see Host Management Without Goferd and Katello Agent in the Managing Hosts Guide.

On the content host, install the katello-agent RPM package.

# yum install katello-agent

The goferd service must be running so that the Red Hat Satellite Server or Capsule Server can provide information about errata that are applicable for content hosts.

Ensure goferd is running:

  • On Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, run the following command:

    # service goferd start
  • On Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, run the following command:

    # systemctl start goferd

6.2.2. Applying Errata to Content Hosts

Applying Errata to Content Hosts Using the Web UI

  1. Go to Hosts → Content Hosts and click on
  2. Select the Errata tab to view the list of errata applicable to the content host.
  3. From the list, select an errata.
  4. Click Apply Selected.
  5. A confirmation message appears. Click Apply.
  6. Verify that the errata has been applied to the client.

    [root@client ~]# yum list-sec