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2.6. Importing a Subscription Manifest into Satellite Server

Use the following procedure to import a Subscription Manifest into Satellite Server.


  • You must have a Subscription Manifest file exported from the Customer Portal. For more information, see Using Manifests in the Using Red Hat Subscription Management guide.


  1. In the Satellite web UI, ensure the context is set to the organization you want to use.
  2. Navigate to Content > Subscriptions and click Manage Manifest.
  3. In the Manage Manifest window, click Browse.
  4. Navigate to the location that contains the Subscription Manifest file, then click Open. If the Manage Manifest window does not close automatically, click Close to return to the Subscriptions window.

For CLI Users

  1. Copy the Subscription Manifest file from your client to Satellite Server:

    $ scp ~/
  2. Log in to Satellite Server as the root user and import the Subscription Manifest file:

    # hammer subscription upload \
    --file ~/ \
    --organization "organization_name"