3.4. Service Telemetry Framework 1.3.3 Maintenance Release - November 10, 2021

These release notes highlight bug fixes and enhancements to be taken into consideration when you install this release of Service Telemetry Framework (STF).

This release includes the following advisory:

Release of components for Service Telemetry Framework 1.3.3 - Container Images

3.4.1. Bug fixes

These bugs were fixed in this release of STF:

With this update, the servicetelemetrys.infra.watch CRD has a validation that limits clouds[].name to 10 characters and alphanumeric to avoid issues with extra characters in the cloud name and names being too long.

Previously, when you installed STF without having Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes (ECK) Operator installed, the following error message was returned: "Failed to find exact match for elasticsearch.k8s.elastic.co/v1beta1.Elasticsearch". The error was as a result of Service Telemetry Operator trying to look up information from a non-existent API interface.

With this update, the Service Telemetry Operator verifies that the API exists before it attempts to make requests to the API interface that is provided by ECK.


Before this update, the query for high CPU usage in the alerts.yaml was invalid. Additionally, the rhos-dashboard showed pending alerts in the global alerts panels, resulting in false positives, meaning that high CPU warning and critical alarms could trigger falsely or not trigger when high CPU usage was detected.

With this release, the high CPU alert query uses the new recording rules by calculating the sum of CPU usage grouped by host and dividing those values by the number of cores for that host, resulting in a CPU usage between 0 and 100%.