3.3.4. Deprecated functionality

The items in this section are either no longer supported or will no longer be supported in a future release:

Use of the Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes (ECK) Operator was previously installed from the OperatorHub.io CatalogSource. In Service Telemetry Framework v1.3.2 the documentation was updated to use the ECK Operator from the Certified Operators CatalogSource.

Use of the redhat-operators-stf CatalogSource has been removed from the documentation of Service Telemetry Framework v1.3. It was used to install a copy of the AMQ Certificate Manager Operator as a workaround to the unavailable Operator in OpenShift Container Platform versions beyond v4.5.

The AMQ Certificate Operator is again available in the redhat-operators CatalogSource from OpenShift Container Platform v4.7, meaning the use of the additional CatalogSource is no longer necessary.

To migrate to the built in AMQ Certificate Manager v1.0.1, complete the following steps:

  1. Uninstall the existing AMQ Certificate Manager provided by the redhat-operators-stf CatalogSource.
  2. Subscribe to the new AMQ Certificate Manager provided by the redhat-operators CatalogSource that is documented in Service Telemetry Framework v1.3.
  3. Remove the redhat-operators-stf CatalogSource.