2.13. Creating a credentials file for a non-admin user

After you configure users and domains for OpenStack Identity, you might need to create a credentials file for a non-admin user.


  • Create a credentials (RC) file for a non-admin user. This example uses the user1 user in the file.

    $ cat overcloudrc-v3-user1
    # Clear any old environment that may conflict.
    for key in $( set | awk '{FS="="}  /^OS_/ {print $1}' ); do unset $key ; done
    export OS_USERNAME=user1
    export NOVA_VERSION=1.1
    export OS_PROJECT_NAME=demo
    export OS_PASSWORD=RedactedComplexPassword
    export OS_NO_CACHE=True
    export COMPUTE_API_VERSION=1.1
    export no_proxy=,,
    export OS_CLOUDNAME=overcloud
    export OS_AUTH_URL=
    export OS_AUTH_TYPE=password
    export PYTHONWARNINGS="ignore:Certificate has no, ignore:A true
    SSLContext object is not available"
    export OS_PROJECT_DOMAIN_NAME=Default