2.2.2. Adding the undercloud node to Red Hat Identity Manager (IdM)

After you add the undercloud node to the certificate authority (CA), register the undercloud with IdM and configure novajoin. Configure the following settings in the [DEFAULT] section of the undercloud.conf file.


  1. Enable the novajoin service:

    enable_novajoin = true
  2. Set a One-Time Password (OTP) so that you can register the undercloud node with IdM:

    ipa_otp = <otp>
  3. Set the overcloud’s domain name to be served by neutron’s DHCP server:

    overcloud_domain_name = <domain>
  4. Set the hostname for the undercloud:

    undercloud_hostname = <undercloud FQDN>
  5. Set IdM as the nameserver for the undercloud:

    undercloud_nameservers = <IdM IP>
  6. For larger environments, review the novajoin connection timeout values. In the undercloud.conf file, add a reference to a new file called undercloud-timeout.yaml:

    hieradata_override = /home/stack/undercloud-timeout.yaml

    Add the following options to undercloud-timeout.yaml. You can specify the timeout value in seconds, for example, 5:

    nova::api::vendordata_dynamic_connect_timeout: <timeout value>
    nova::api::vendordata_dynamic_read_timeout: <timeout value>
  7. Save the undercloud.conf file.
  8. Run the undercloud deployment command to apply the changes to your existing undercloud:

    $ openstack undercloud install