3.3. Configuring role-based access control for the storage provider network

After you identify the trusted tenants or projects that can use the storage network, configure role-based access control (RBAC) rules for them through the Networking service (neutron).


Names of the projects that need access to the storage network


  1. Log in to an overcloud node.
  2. Identify the projects that require access:

    [stack@undercloud-0 ~]$ openstack project list
    | ID                               | Name    |
    | 06f1068f79d2400b88d1c2c33eacea87 | demo    |
    | 5038dde12dfb44fdaa0b3ee4bfe487ce | service |
    | 820e2d9c956644c2b1530b514127fd0d | admin   |
  3. Create network RBAC rules with the desired projects:

    [stack@undercloud-0 ~]$ openstack network rbac create \
    --action access_as_shared Storage \
    --type network \
    --target-project demo

    Repeat this step for all of the projects that require access to the storage network.