16.3.5. Live migrating an instance

Live migration moves an instance from a source Compute node to a destination Compute node with a minimal amount of downtime. Live migration might not be appropriate for all instances. For more information, see Migration constraints.


  1. To live migrate an instance, specify the instance and the destination Compute node:

    (overcloud)$ openstack server migrate <instance> --live-migration [--host <dest>] --wait
    • Replace <instance> with the name or ID of the instance.
    • Replace <dest> with the name or ID of the destination Compute node.


      The openstack server migrate command covers migrating instances with shared storage, which is the default. Specify the --block-migration flag to migrate a locally stored volume:

      (overcloud)$ openstack server migrate <instance> --live-migration [--host <dest>] --wait --block-migration
  2. Confirm that the instance is migrating:

    (overloud)$ openstack server show <instance>
    | Field                | Value                                |
    | ...                  | ...                                  |
    | status               | MIGRATING                            |
    | ...                  | ...                                  |
  3. Wait for migration to complete. While you wait for the instance migration to complete, you can check the migration status. For more information, see Checking migration status.
  4. Check the status of the instance to confirm if the migration was successful:

    (overcloud)$ openstack server list --host <dest> --all-projects

    Replace <dest> with the name or ID of the destination Compute node.

  5. Optional: If you disabled the source Compute node for maintenance, you must re-enable the node so that new instances can be assigned to it:

    (overcloud)$ source ~/stackrc
    (undercloud)$ openstack compute service set <source> nova-compute --enable

    Replace <source> with the host name of the source Compute node.