6.5. Creating a project-isolated host aggregate

You can create a host aggregate that is available only to specific projects. Only the projects that you assign to the host aggregate can launch instances on the host aggregate.


Project isolation uses the Placement service to filter host aggregates for each project. This process supersedes the functionality of the AggregateMultiTenancyIsolation filter. You therefore do not need to use the AggregateMultiTenancyIsolation filter.


  1. Open your Compute environment file.
  2. To schedule project instances on the project-isolated host aggregate, set the NovaSchedulerLimitTenantsToPlacementAggregate parameter to True in the Compute environment file.
  3. Optional: To ensure that only the projects that you assign to a host aggregate can create instances on your cloud, set the NovaSchedulerPlacementAggregateRequiredForTenants parameter to True.


    NovaSchedulerPlacementAggregateRequiredForTenants is False by default. When this parameter is False, projects that are not assigned to a host aggregate can create instances on any host aggregate.

  4. Save the updates to your Compute environment file.
  5. Add your Compute environment file to the stack with your other environment files and deploy the overcloud:

    (undercloud)$ openstack overcloud deploy --templates \
      -e [your environment files] \
      -e /home/stack/templates/<compute_environment_file>.yaml \
  6. Create the host aggregate.
  7. Retrieve the list of project IDs:

    (overcloud)# openstack project list
  8. Use the filter_tenant_id<suffix> metadata key to assign projects to the host aggregate:

    (overcloud)# openstack aggregate set \
     --property filter_tenant_id<ID0>=<project_id0> \
     --property filter_tenant_id<ID1>=<project_id1> \
     --property filter_tenant_id<IDn>=<project_idn> \
    • Replace <ID0>, <ID1>, and all IDs up to <IDn> with unique values for each project filter that you want to create.
    • Replace <project_id0>, <project_id1>, and all project IDs up to <project_idn> with the ID of each project that you want to assign to the host aggregate.
    • Replace <aggregate_name> with the name of the project-isolated host aggregate.

      For example, use the following syntax to assign projects 78f1, 9d3t, and aa29 to the host aggregate project-isolated-aggregate:

      (overcloud)# openstack aggregate set \
       --property filter_tenant_id0=78f1 \
       --property filter_tenant_id1=9d3t \
       --property filter_tenant_id2=aa29 \

      You can create a host aggregate that is available only to a single specific project by omitting the suffix from the filter_tenant_id metadata key:

      (overcloud)# openstack aggregate set \
       --property filter_tenant_id=78f1 \

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