8.4. Changing the default permissions

The Ceph Dashboard admin user role is set to read-only mode by default for safe monitoring of the Ceph cluster. To permit an admin user to have elevated privileges so that they can alter elements of the Ceph cluster with the Dashboard, you can use the CephDashboardAdminRO parameter to change the default admin permissions.

A user with full permissions might alter elements of your cluster that director configures. This can cause a conflict with director-configured options when you run a stack update. To avoid this problem, do not alter director-configured options with Ceph Dashboard, for example, Ceph OSP pools attributes.


  1. Log in to the undercloud as the stack user.
  2. Create the following ceph_dashboard_admin.yaml environment file:

         CephDashboardAdminRO: false
  3. Run the overcloud deploy command to update the existing stack and include the environment file you created with all other environment files that are part of your existing deployment:

    $ openstack overcloud deploy \
    --templates \
    -e <existing_overcloud_environment_files> \
    -e ceph_dashboard_admin.yml

    Replace <existing_overcloud_environment_files> with the list of environment files that are part of your existing deployment.