4.2. RHBA-2020:0643: RedHat OpenStack Platform 15 メンテナンスリリースアドバイザリー

本項に記載する機能拡張およびバグ修正は、アドバイザリー RHBA-2020:0643 で対応しています。このアドバイザリーについての詳しい情報は、「RHBA-2018:2572 - Bug Fix Advisory」を参照してください


There is a known issue when building container images with buildah. The default format for the image is OCI, but podman 1.6.x contains stricter restrictions about container format metadata. As a result, containers that you push to the undercloud registry can fail if they were originally in OCI format.

The workaround is to use the --format docker option to build images in docker format instead of OCI format, and you can push the containers to the undercloud registry successfully.


Previously, the nouveau kernel module was included in initramfs and conflicted with the nVidia vGPU drivers. As a result, the boot process could hang on RHOSP RHEL8 compute nodes with nVidia vGPU cards and drivers installed.

With this update, nouveau is explicitly omitted from the RHOSP initramfs.


Previously, there was a change to the log parameter in the podman interface that introduced an issue with tripleo-heat-templates, which caused updates to fail.

With this update, the issue has been resolved and updates pass successfully.
The Compute services (nova) can fail to deploy because the nova_wait_for_compute_service script is unable to query the Nova API. If you use a remote container image registry outside of the undercloud, the Nova API service might not finish deploying in time.

The workaround is to rerun the deployment command, or to use a local container image registry on the undercloud.
Previously, changing the default membership role from Member to member caused ceph-rgw to deny access to standard users because keystone roles are case insensitive, but ceph-rgw role matching is case sensitive. As a result, users with the member role could not access ceph-rgw.

With this update, ceph-rgw accepts users with both Member and member roles.
Previously, deploying the stack with all networks disabled failed because the 'cloud_name_{{network.name_lower}}' property was defined for disabled networks.

With this update, the 'cloud_name_{{network.name_lower}}' property is no longer added for disabled networks and deployments are successful.
With this update, the credentials that you supply in the ContainerImageRegistryCredentials parameter pass to ceph-ansible automatically if the registry name matches the registry name in the ceph_namespace parameter.
In Red Hat OpenStack Platform (RHOSP) 15, the rhel-registration pre-deployment script has been removed because it is not compatible with RHEL8. Use the Ansible-based overcloud registration method instead:



Previously, the default NIC naming changed to use non-persistent node names such as ethXX instead of consistent names like enoX, ensXfY, ensX. As a result, the NIC names present in the introspection data did not match the overcloud NIC names.

With this update, the setting net.ifnames=0 has been removed from grub-config in the overcloud image and the introspection data contains consistent NIC names.


Previously, the default values for dhcp_start and dhcp_end in the undercloud.conf file did not provide enough IP addresses to pass tripleo validation and the ctlplane-ip-range validation failed.

With this update, the IP range is larger and validation passes successfully.


Previously, routes on SR-IOV PF interfaces were not set properly and these routes were ignored.

With this update, routes for SR-IOV PF interfaces function correctly.