2.2. Network specifications

The following table shows the network configuration used in the example deployment.


This example does not include hardware redundancy for the control plane and the provisioning network where the overcloud keystone admin endpoint is configured.

表2.2 Physical and virtual networks

Physical NICsPurposeVLANsDescription


Provisioning network (undercloud)


Manages all nodes from director (undercloud)

eth1 and eth2

Controller/External (overcloud)


Bonded NICs with VLANs


External network

VLAN 100

Allows access from outside the environment to the tenant networks, internal API, and OpenStack Horizon Dashboard


Internal API

VLAN 201

Provides access to the internal API between Compute nodes and Controller nodes


Storage access

VLAN 202

Connects Compute nodes to storage media


Storage management

VLAN 203

Manages storage media


Tenant network

VLAN 204

Provides tenant network services to RHOSP

In addition to the network configuration, you must deploy the following components:

Provisioning network switch
  • This switch must be able to connect the undercloud to all the physical computers in the overcloud.
  • The NIC on each overcloud node that is connected to this switch must be able to PXE boot from the undercloud.
  • The portfast parameter must be enabled.
Controller/External network switch
  • This switch must be configured to perform VLAN tagging for the other VLANs in the deployment.
  • Allow only VLAN 100 traffic to external networks.
Networking hardware and keystone endpoint
  • To prevent a Controller node network card or network switch failure disrupting overcloud services availability, ensure that the keystone admin endpoint is located on a network that uses bonded network cards or networking hardware redundancy.

    If you move the keystone endpoint to a different network, such as internal_api, ensure that the undercloud can reach the VLAN or subnet. For more information, see the Red Hat Knowledgebase solution How to migrate Keystone Admin Endpoint to internal_api network.