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Regional-DR向けAdvanced Cluster Managementと OpenShift Data Foundationの設定

Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation 4.9

災害復旧機能を備えたストレージインフラストラクチャーを提供するために、2 つの異なる地理的ロケーション間で OpenShift Data Foundation を設定する方法


このソリューションガイドの目的は、災害復旧向けにOpenShift Data Foundation を Advanced Cluster Managementと共にデプロイするのに必要な手順の詳細を提供し、可用性の高いストレージインフラストラクチャーを実現することです。
Configuring OpenShift Data Foundation for Regional-DR with Advanced Cluster Management is a developer preview feature and is subject to developer preview support limitations. Developer preview releases are not intended to be run in production environments and are not supported through the Red Hat Customer Portal case management system. If you need assistance with developer preview features, reach out to the mailing list and a member of the Red Hat Development Team will assist you as quickly as possible based on their availability and work schedules.