Red Hat OpenStack Platform を使用した OpenShift Data Foundation のデプロイおよび管理

Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation 4.10

Red Hat OpenStack Platform での OpenShift Data Foundation のデプロイおよび管理手順


Red Hat OpenStack Platform (RHOSP) 上で Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform を使用して Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation をインストールおよび管理する方法については、このドキュメントをお読みください。
Deploying and managing OpenShift Data Foundation on Red Hat OpenStack Platform is a Technology Preview feature. Technology Preview features are not supported with Red Hat production service level agreements (SLAs) and might not be functionally complete. Red Hat does not recommend using them in production. These features provide early access to upcoming product features, enabling customers to test functionality and provide feedback during the development process.