15.2.3. Creating Operator imageContentSourcePolicy

After the oc adm catalog mirror command is completed, the imageContentSourcePolicy.yaml file gets created. The output directory for this file is usually, ./[catalog image name]-manifests). Use this procedure to add any missing entries to the .yaml file and apply them to cluster.


  1. Check the content of this file for the mirrors mapping shown as follows:

        - mirrors:
          - <your_registry>/ocs4
          source: registry.redhat.io/ocs4
        - mirrors:
          - <your_registry>/rhceph
          source: registry.redhat.io/rhceph
        - mirrors:
          - <your_registry>/openshift4
          source: registry.redhat.io/openshift4
        - mirrors:
          - <your_registry>/rhscl
          source: registry.redhat.io/rhscl
  2. Add any missing entries to the end of the imageContentSourcePolicy.yaml file.
  3. Apply the imageContentSourcePolicy.yaml file to the cluster.

    $ oc apply -f ./[output dir]/imageContentSourcePolicy.yaml

    Once the Image Content Source Policy is updated, all the nodes (master, infra, and workers) in the cluster need to be updated and rebooted. This process is automatically handled through the Machine Config Pool operator and take up to 30 minutes although the exact elapsed time might vary based on the number of nodes in your OpenShift cluster. You can monitor the update process by using the oc get mcp command or the oc get node command.