15.2.2. Building and mirroring the Red Hat operator catalog

Follow this process on a host that has access to Red Hat registries to create a mirror of those registries.


  • Run these commands as a cluster administrator.
  • Be aware that mirroring the redhat-operator catalog can take hours to complete, and requires substantial available disk space on the mirror host.


  1. Build the catalog for redhat-operators.

    Set --from to the ose-operator-registry base image using the tag that matches the target OpenShift Container Platform cluster major and minor version.

    $ oc adm catalog build --appregistry-org redhat-operators \
      --from=registry.redhat.io/openshift4/ose-operator-registry:v4.7 \
      --to=${MIRROR_REGISTRY_DNS}/olm/redhat-operators:v2 \
      --registry-config=${AUTH_FILE} \
      --filter-by-os="linux/amd64" --insecure

    For IBM Power Systems and IBM Z infrastructure specify value of filter-by-os as linux/ppc64le, and linux/s390x respectively.

  2. Mirror the catalog for redhat-operators.

    This is a long operation and can take 1-5 hours. Make sure there is 100 GB available disk space on the mirror host.

    $ oc adm catalog mirror ${MIRROR_REGISTRY_DNS}/olm/redhat-operators:v2 \
    ${MIRROR_REGISTRY_DNS} --registry-config=${AUTH_FILE} --insecure