9.4. Adding storage resources for hybrid or Multicloud

9.4.1. Creating a new backing store

Use this procedure to create a new backing store in OpenShift Container Storage.


  • Administrator access to OpenShift.


  1. Click OperatorsInstalled Operators from the left pane of the OpenShift Web Console to view the installed operators.
  2. Click OpenShift Container Storage Operator.
  3. On the OpenShift Container Storage Operator page, scroll right and click the Backing Store tab.
  4. Click Create Backing Store.

    図9.1 Create Backing Store page

    Screenshot of create new backing store page.
  5. On the Create New Backing Store page, perform the following:

    1. Enter a Backing Store Name.
    2. Select a Provider.
    3. Select a Region.
    4. Enter an Endpoint. This is optional.
    5. Select a Secret from drop down list, or create your own secret. Optionally, you can Switch to Credentials view which lets you fill in the required secrets.

      For more information on creating an OCP secret, see the section Creating the secret in the Openshift Container Platform documentation.

      Each backingstore requires a different secret. For more information on creating the secret for a particular backingstore, see the 「Adding storage resources for hybrid or Multicloud using the MCG command line interface」 and follow the procedure for the addition of storage resources using a YAML.


      This menu is relevant for all providers except Google Cloud and local PVC.

    6. Enter Target bucket. The target bucket is a container storage that is hosted on the remote cloud service. It allows you to create a connection that tells MCG that it can use this bucket for the system.
  6. Click Create Backing Store.

Verification steps

  1. Click OperatorsInstalled Operators.
  2. Click OpenShift Container Storage Operator.
  3. Search for the new backing store or click Backing Store tab to view all the backing stores.