9.5.2. Adding namespace resources using the Multicloud Object Gateway

Add existing storage to Multicloud Storage Gateway as namespace resources so that they can be included in namespace buckets for a unified view of existing storage targets, such as Amazon Web Services S3 buckets, Microsoft Azure blobs, and IBM Cloud Object Storage buckets.



  1. In the OpenShift Console, click StorageOverview and click on the Object tab.
  2. Click Multicloud Storage Gateway and log in if prompted.
  3. Click Resources, and click the Namespace Resources tab.
  4. Click Create Namespace Resource.

    1. In Target Connection, select the connection to be used for this namespace’s storage provider.

      If you need to add a new connection, click Add New Connection and enter your provider details; see 「Adding provider connections to the Multicloud Object Gateway」 for more information.

    2. In Target Bucket, select the name of the bucket to use as a target.
    3. Enter a Resource Name for your namespace resource.
    4. Click Create.


  • Verify that the new resource is listed with a green check mark in the State column, and 0 buckets in the Connected Namespace Buckets column.