3.3.3. Verifying that the Multicloud Object Gateway is healthy

  • Click Storage → Overview from the left pane of the OpenShift Web Console and click the Object tab.
  • In the Status card, verify that both Object Service and Data Resiliency are in Ready state (green tick).

    図3.3 Health status card in Object Dashboard

    Screenshot of Health card in object service dashboard
  • In the Details card, verify that the MCG information is displayed appropriately as follows:

    Service Name
    OpenShift Container Storage
    System Name

    Multicloud Object Gateway

    RADOS Object Gateway


The RADOS Object Gateway is only listed in case RADOS Object Gateway endpoint details were included while deploying OpenShift Container Storage in external mode.

For more information on the health of OpenShift Container Storage cluster using the object dashboard, see Monitoring OpenShift Container Storage.