7.3. Manual creation of infrastructure nodes

Only when the Machine API is not supported in the environment should labels be directly applied to nodes. Manual creation requires that at least 3 RHOCP worker nodes are available to schedule OpenShift Container Storage services, and that these nodes have sufficient CPU and memory resources. To avoid the RHOCP subscription cost, the following is required:

oc label node <node> node-role.kubernetes.io/infra=""
oc label node <node> cluster.ocs.openshift.io/openshift-storage=""

Adding a NoSchedule OpenShift Container Storage taint is also required so that the infra node will only schedule OpenShift Container Storage resources and repel any other non-OpenShift Container Storage workloads.

oc adm taint node <node> node.ocs.openshift.io/storage="true":NoSchedule

Do not remove the node-role node-role.kubernetes.io/worker=""

The removal of the node-role.kubernetes.io/worker="" can cause issues unless changes are made both to the OpenShift scheduler and to MachineConfig resources.

If already removed, it should be added again to each infra node. Adding node-role node-role.kubernetes.io/infra="" and OpenShift Container Storage taint is sufficient to conform to entitlement exemption requirements.