7.2. Machine sets for creating Infrastructure nodes

If the Machine API is supported in the environment, then labels should be added to the templates for the Machine Sets that will be provisioning the infrastructure nodes. Avoid the anti-pattern of adding labels manually to nodes created by the machine API. Doing so is analogous to adding labels to pods created by a deployment. In both cases, when the pod/node fails, the replacement pod/node will not have the appropriate labels.


In EC2 environments, you will need three machine sets, each configured to provision infrastructure nodes in a distinct availability zone (such as us-east-2a, us-east-2b, us-east-2c). Currently, OpenShift Container Storage does not support deploying in more than three availability zones.

The following Machine Set template example creates nodes with the appropriate taint and labels required for infrastructure nodes. This will be used to run OpenShift Container Storage services.

      creationTimestamp: null
        machine.openshift.io/cluster-api-cluster: kb-s25vf
        machine.openshift.io/cluster-api-machine-role: worker
        machine.openshift.io/cluster-api-machine-type: worker
        machine.openshift.io/cluster-api-machineset: kb-s25vf-infra-us-west-2a
      - effect: NoSchedule
        key: node.ocs.openshift.io/storage
        value: "true"
        creationTimestamp: null
          node-role.kubernetes.io/infra: ""
          cluster.ocs.openshift.io/openshift-storage: ""