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26.4.2. クォーラムデバイスの削除


[root@node1:~]# pcs quorum device remove
Sending updated corosync.conf to nodes...
node1: Succeeded
node2: Succeeded
Corosync configuration reloaded
Disabling corosync-qdevice...
node1: corosync-qdevice disabled
node2: corosync-qdevice disabled
Stopping corosync-qdevice...
node1: corosync-qdevice stopped
node2: corosync-qdevice stopped
Removing qdevice certificates from nodes...
node1: Succeeded
node2: Succeeded


[root@node1:~]# pcs quorum device status
Error: Unable to get quorum status: corosync-qdevice-tool: Can't connect to QDevice socket (is QDevice running?): No such file or directory