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5.6. フェンスデバイスとフェンスデバイスオプションの一覧表示

ccs コマンドを使用すると、利用可能なフェンスデバイスの一覧及び各フェンスタイプのオプション一覧を表示することができます。また、ccs コマンドでは、使用しているクラスターに現在設定されているフェンスデバイスの一覧も表示できます。
ccs -h host --lsfenceopts
例えば、次のコマンドはクラスターノード node1 で利用可能なフェンスデバイスを一覧表示します。サンプルの出力を表示します。
[root@ask-03 ~]# ccs -h node1 --lsfenceopts
fence_rps10 - RPS10 Serial Switch
fence_vixel - No description available
fence_egenera - No description available
fence_xcat - No description available
fence_na - Node Assassin
fence_apc - Fence agent for APC over telnet/ssh
fence_apc_snmp - Fence agent for APC over SNMP
fence_bladecenter - Fence agent for IBM BladeCenter
fence_bladecenter_snmp - Fence agent for IBM BladeCenter over SNMP
fence_cisco_mds - Fence agent for Cisco MDS
fence_cisco_ucs - Fence agent for Cisco UCS
fence_drac5 - Fence agent for Dell DRAC CMC/5
fence_eps - Fence agent for ePowerSwitch
fence_ibmblade - Fence agent for IBM BladeCenter over SNMP
fence_ifmib - Fence agent for IF MIB
fence_ilo - Fence agent for HP iLO
fence_ilo_mp - Fence agent for HP iLO MP
fence_intelmodular - Fence agent for Intel Modular
fence_ipmilan - Fence agent for IPMI over LAN
fence_kdump - Fence agent for use with kdump
fence_rhevm - Fence agent for RHEV-M REST API
fence_rsa - Fence agent for IBM RSA
fence_sanbox2 - Fence agent for QLogic SANBox2 FC switches
fence_scsi - fence agent for SCSI-3 persistent reservations
fence_virsh - Fence agent for virsh
fence_virt - Fence agent for virtual machines
fence_vmware - Fence agent for VMware
fence_vmware_soap - Fence agent for VMware over SOAP API
fence_wti - Fence agent for WTI
fence_xvm - Fence agent for virtual machines
ccs -h host --lsfenceopts fence_type
例えば、次のコマンドは fence_wti フェンスエージェントのフェンスオプションを一覧表示します。
[root@ask-03 ~]# ccs -h node1 --lsfenceopts fence_wti
fence_wti - Fence agent for WTI
  Required Options:
  Optional Options:
    option: No description available
    action: Fencing Action
    ipaddr: IP Address or Hostname
    login: Login Name
    passwd: Login password or passphrase
    passwd_script: Script to retrieve password
    cmd_prompt: Force command prompt
    secure: SSH connection
    identity_file: Identity file for ssh
    port: Physical plug number or name of virtual machine
    inet4_only: Forces agent to use IPv4 addresses only
    inet6_only: Forces agent to use IPv6 addresses only
    ipport: TCP port to use for connection with device
    verbose: Verbose mode
    debug: Write debug information to given file
    version: Display version information and exit
    help: Display help and exit
    separator: Separator for CSV created by operation list
    power_timeout: Test X seconds for status change after ON/OFF
    shell_timeout: Wait X seconds for cmd prompt after issuing command
    login_timeout: Wait X seconds for cmd prompt after login
    power_wait: Wait X seconds after issuing ON/OFF
    delay: Wait X seconds before fencing is started
    retry_on: Count of attempts to retry power on
ccs -h host --lsfencedev