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5.278. redhat-rpm-config

An updated redhat-rpm-config package that fixes several bugs and adds an enhancement is now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The redhat-rpm-config package is used during building of RPM packages to apply various default distribution options determined by Red Hat. It also provides a few Red Hat RPM macro customizations, such as those used during the building of Driver Update packages.

Bug Fixes

Previously, the %kernel_module_package macro did not handle the "-v" and "-r" optional version and release override parameters correctly. Consequently, the specified version and release number were not used when the RPM package was built. This bug has been fixed and these parameters are now handled properly.
Previously, a script, which generates "modalias"-style dependencies for Driver Update packages in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, was not executable and thus could not function properly. This bug has been fixed and these dependencies are now generated as expected.
When the kabi-whitelists package is installed, the %kernel_module_package macro did not automatically perform a check against the Red Hat kernel ABI interface (kABI). Consequently, when a package was being built, the macro did not warn when the resulting modules used kernel symbols that were exported but not part of the kABI. With this update, the script has been added to perform the check and return a warning during the build process if kabi-whitelists is not installed, thus fixing this bug.
In certain cases, the dependency-generation scripts that produce information about automatic kernel symbol during the build process of a Driver Update package generated incorrect dependencies. This bug has been fixed and dependencies are now generated correctly.


The path of the autoconf configuration script invoked by the %configure macro can now be customized by overriding the %_configure macro. In addition, this can be of use when building out-of-tree packages.
Users of redhat-rpm-config are advised to upgrade to this updated package, which fixes these bugs and adds this enhancement.