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5.112. iproute

An updated iproute package that fixes two bugs and adds three enhancements is now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The iproute package contains networking utilities (ip and rtmon, for example), which are designed to use the advanced networking capabilities of the Linux kernel.

Bug Fixes

The ip6tunnel mode command passed a zeroed parameter structure to the kernel, which attempted to change all tunnel parameters to zero and failed. Consequently, users could not change ip6tunnel parameters. With this update, the ip6tunnel code has been changed so that it updates only the changed parameters. As a result, it is now possible for users to adjust ip6tunnel parameters as expected.
The lnstat utility used an incorrect file descriptor for its dump output. Consequently, the lnstat utility printed its dump output to stderr rather than to stdout. The code has been fixed and lnstat now prints its dump output to stdout.


The tc utility (a traffic control tool) has been enhanced to allow users to work with the Multi-queue priority (MQPRIO) Queueing Discipline (qdiscs) scheduler. With MQPRIO qdiscs, QOS can be offloaded from NICs that support external QOS schedulers. As a result, it is now possible for users to monitor traffic classes, gather statistics, set socket-buffer (SKB) priority and socket-priority-to-traffic-class mapping.
The tc utility has been updated to work with Quick Fair Queueing (QFQ) kernel features. Users can now take advantage of the new QFQ-traffic scheduler from user space.
This update adds support for multiple multicast routing tables.
Users are advised to upgrade to this updated iproute package, which fixes these bugs and adds these enhancements.